Friday, November 28, 2008

Sold Out Items of the Holiday Extravaganza

I can't say I'm surprised, but I learned this morning that the "All in the Family" Bundle is now sold out! You can still purchase each item in the set individually, but Stampin' Up has sold out of the Bundle.

It's such a cute set! I bought this set in my first ever stamp order from Stampin' Up. I love the little stick figure ppl and there are some some cute ideas to do with this set on SCS. This year for Christmas I'm doing a name plaque for my sister and matting/framing it. Of course I'd include arms on the whole family. heh

A little trick I learned for this set is to definitely own a Stamp-a-ma-jig. Then I cut out vellum in squares the size of the plastic square that comes with the SAMJ and stamped each stamp in a corner and then stored those in my AITF stamp set. Awesome idea eh? Then you have them and when you are doing a 'family protrait' you can just use your vellum instead of having to continually wipe the corners off the square that came with your SAMJ. I can't remember where I saw the idea? Maybe over on Julie's blog Paper Pleasing Ideas?

The embossing buddy has also Sold out. I do some embossing, but not a lot so did not add this to my cart, I already own most of the set. It was another great deal and a great way to get into embossing though for a great price.

I hope everyone is staying warm today. I'm off to start making a stew and then start on Natasha's cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow. My parents are also returning (they were visiting friends) around noon. When they get back I have to follow my dad so he can drop off the rental car. Oh and I have drywall being delivered this morning so my Dad and Owen can finish the basement walls. No black friday shopping for me! lol

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