Monday, November 3, 2008

Annual Card workshop.

Every year (well for the last 3) my friend who is also a SU Demo hosts several Christmas card workshops. She designs all the cards (usually about 10), you pick what ones you want to do, then just show up on the day you chose and assemble. She does all the prep work for you, which I simply love. I'm a demo myself, but to be able to go and chit chat with my other friends, have my cards all prepped for me so I just have to glue, stamp and assemble really makes my life easier.

This year I chose 2 different cards and also a set of card tags (something she did for the first time this year). I was super slow this year though for some reason and I spent from 9am until 5pm making a mere 20 cards and 12 gift tags.

The sad part though, is that all 20 cards I made are all going out as part of the card exchange I signed up for with some other people, so I still need to make about 15-20 more cards for my family/friends!

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