Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Storage Storage Storage.

I'm always looking for storage ideas, whether it's for my growing collection of stamps, my new found love for ink pads or my punches - I'm always looking. Right now I have a nice big room to craft in and can spread out as much as I like, but once we have a 2nd child, I will need to re-locate to the basement to a much much smaller space. So with this in mind, I've been looking for storage ideas that go vertical instead of horizontal. I'll have to give up my huge workspace for a much smaller work table and I'm probably going to have to use less storage drawers as there is just not the space for them.

Today when I was reading my Stamp'n up Monthly Magazine they highlighted someone who has the same problem I will eventually have, a very small space. The idea they had for their punches I thought was pretty neat. It was vertical and even though it took up some wall space, their punches were easily accessible and they also attached baskets for ink refill bottles, ribbons as well as their hodgepodge and build a brad kits.

The best part? Their solution was super cheap! Each of these Bygel bars cost a meer 2.99 each at IKEA. The Bygel Wire Basket is only $4.99. I think it's a neat idea. I'm not sure it will work in my space, but I've stashed the idea away and perhaps with some adjusting, I could use 1 bar instead of two (will I really ever have that many punches? hah!) and over that bar have a shelf for my cricut cartridges? I'm also still toying with the idea of the wood that has the holes in it to hang stuff (the name of it eludes me at the moment).
(no scanner so it's a picture of a picture)

In the meantime for my inks, I followed Stacey King's tutorial for making this ink pad holder. My wonderful husband helped me measure/cut/assemble it tonight after our daughter was in bed. I have to say I've went back and forth for a while now on the SU Ink Caddy but because my workspace is such a hot commodity to me (Cricut, Cuttlebug, printer, trimmer already have a home on my table) I really did not want to lose more of my precious work area. This seemed like a good solution for the time being, and also rather inexpensive. The foam core board only costs $8(ish) at Staples, so for a short term solution it works well. I just need more ink pads to fill it up! I don't think this will be a problem. hehe

My next project when I find the time will be to make an idea board. I wanted to do what I think is "technically" called a European Msg Board? My mom made one a while ago and said it was super easy. She just bought a pc of canvas, added stuffing, wrapped fabric around it, added buttons and ribbon. The only issue with this idea, although I can chose my own fabric is that I'd like part of my idea board to be magnetic. Perhaps if I keep looking something will pop out at me and I'll have that Eureka moment. :0)


  1. i love that idea for punch storage... i can't remember where i saw it first (probably trolling SCS), but i thought that it was genius... although, i don't have anywhere in my limited space that it would work either...

  2. I have the directions for this stamp pad holder printed and I have just been too lazy to go to the store and purchase the foam core board. Glad to see it turns out so well.