Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little squeeze goes a long way.

Last night after Tash went to bed I worked on another All in the Family name plate for a friend. (She's super private so I smudged/blurred her name.) I now have about 6 SU ink pads and some Blender Pens so I decided to try the 'squeeze' method instead of using my water colour pencils.


-SU Ink pads (althought you could probably use any ink pads)
- SU blender pen
- I found you can also use the spots if you have those, just dab them onto the inside of one of your cartridges.

The first thing I learned is that you do not have to squeeze hard or long to get ink on the inside of the cartridge. Also, the old adage, a little goes a long way is definitely true, it does not take a lot of ink to colour the image, at least not for these ones. So play around a bit first, moving the ink around and testing it's intensity on a piece of scrap paper first before colouring your stamped image. It's also a really good idea that you use scrap paper to get the right shade you desire or to get rid of some of the excess on your pen.

I found when I coloured her dress in Purely Pomegranate that it was too dark and I should have first dabbed it a bit on scrap paper first. It's a bit darker in some areas and lighter in others and I'm not really liking the effect.


I have been working on other things besides paper crafts, one being a Cotton -Ease Cardigan for Natasha. It's 3 different colours and the entire sweater is just Knit and Purl, so I think it should turn out ok, as long as I finish it while it will still fit her. mrgreen

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  1. Great frame Shelley! Isn't it fun using the ink pads?