Friday, March 28, 2008

Isn't he Cute?

Heather sent me a newsletter, that I received today, and inside it was this card as well as some eyelets and of course info some SU news. I was so excited to get the card (the first homemade card I've received!) that it was not until later I remembered there was actually a letter in the envelope as well! I know it was not planned but I love the colours on this card, I really like Tempting Turquoise and the F&F notes set is so cute!

The felt flower is also pretty neat (I've not bought any yet) and it's neat to see one of the build-a-brads up close. I had some on my last order but have not received them yet. I thought they would be a great way to co-ordinate paper and brads. Plus, I get to see her colouring technique up close. Yes I'm clearly a geek, but I've been so interested/obsorbed with colour techniques lately that it's nice to see someone else's in person who I think does an awesome job!

Thanks Heather!

I'm also stupidly excited that on Saturday some friends and I are getting together to make cards. We have a monthly 'crafty' night but never make cards, it usually entails gossiping (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and is fun, but I'm excited that this one is specifically for card making. M is hosting, and she owns just about every tool/ink imaginable through SU, so not only do I get a night out away from the kiddo and husband, I get to play with someone elses stuff that I do not own yet. mrgreen

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