Thursday, April 17, 2008

More storage solutions!

In my recent issue of Stamp'n Success they had an article that highlighted a couple of crafter's craftrooms. One of them had very little space and she had come up with an ingenious idea (or saw it somewhere, this idea has been floating around SCS for a while now, although I never saw it there) on how to store her Punches.

She made a visit to her local IKEA store and bought 2 bygel storage bars and some baskets in the eating and dinning section. The other awesome thing about this storage solution? Not only does it utilize vertical space, it's very inexpensive! I paid 2.99 eac. for the Bygel Bars, $4.99 for one basket and $2.99 for the other Basket.

I love that it takes advantage of vertical space, because eventually, I'm going to lose my nice big craft room in favour of letting our 2nd child (no I'm not pregnant yet!) have a bedroom. I also like how clean it looks and esthetically appealing.

My proudest moment of this whole endeavour is that they are both perfectly level and lined up evenly. A quick note - make sure you have some sort of hardware for hanging them up. IKEA does not include any screws with the bars! I had heard they were no longer including an allen wrench with their products but assumed they'd still give you the proper hardware to hang items. Especially something like a shelf!

While there, I also picked up some Rajtan Spice Jars($4.99/set of 4). I had mentioned to M that even though I loved the new ribbon at the scrapbook store, it was purchased by the yard and did not come on a spool. She mentioned she bought storage jars from IKea for her loose ribbon and scraps and then used her rub-ons to pretty them up. She also used them for her brads, mixed them all together in the jar. I bought two sets and I have them all filled already with ribbon, brads and felt.

The only thing I do wish, is that I had bought two of each basket instead of just one of each. I filled them up quicker then I thought I would! As you can see, the top bar is empty, but I doubt I will have any problems filling it with more punches.

I was going to wait until I had less space to take advantage of this storage solution, but I got impatient and figured it's not that much work to take it down eventually and fill in 8 little holes. Trust me, I've painted almost every room in this house since we moved in last spring. I've become a real expert at filling in holes in the wall.


  1. I so wish we had an IKEA here. I might have to get C to bring out some rods when she comes in June. The space looks great - love the ribbon jars!