Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lana the Lamb

Lana the Lamb
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I think I'm addicted to making these cute little Crochet toys by Owlishly. Lana is my favourite so far, as well as my daughter's. I will admit there was a lot less unraveling on Lana then Luke and I was able to stitch her up in about 5hrs total. I highly recommend that if you like to crochet, you head over and visit Owlishly's blog or stop by her Esty store to check out her Crochet Toys.

She's suppose to have hair, but I tried to use my c/s floss to make some and I just could not get it to turn out right. :0( I also picked up some of the safety eyes today at PM Hobby so I no longer have to sew on glass beads.

Pattern: Lana the Lamb
Designer: Owlishly
Yarn: TLC White, Black, Tan
Started: Last night
Finished: Today
Difficulty Rating: Beginner


I also completed the baby blanket I was working on by Bev Ireland. I have to say that while it was a rather simple pattern to follow and complete, I doubt I'll do it again. Let's just say that edging is not my forte and I need some serious work in that department. I'll take some photos tomorrow when I have more light and share them.

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  1. very cute, S... glad your second attempt went faster than the first...