Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday Card Exchange re-visited.

Happy Birthday!
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So if you saw my earlier post on this, you may notice I did a couple of changes to the stamping. The animals did not look 'right' in the order I had them before, so I re-arranged them and I think they look much better this way.

If I were to pick, the only thing I'm not 100% happy with on the card is my writing redface and the 'colouring'. I used watercolour pencils, but I have decided after some practicing and doing 10 of these cards, that I'm really not a fan of water colour pencils.

Paper: Brazill Basics Lemonade (yellow), green, white
Stamps: Hero Arts - I think it's called Playful Animals?
Started: back in January. They've been completed all but the "Happy Birthday" for weeks now, I just got around to that part this morning. wink
Comments: Not that I need another tool, but I'm considering getting a thing-a-ma-jig from SU to help me line up my stamps better if I continue to make a lot of cards. I really suck at lining stuff up.

I've asked a couple of people what their favourite colouring 'device' is and was given a few other options to try out;

  1. Stampin' up (or any really) markers, aqua pen and watercolour paper.
  2. Stampin' up inks and a blender pen. You squeeze the ink so that you have some on the cover, then use the blender pen to colour your stamped image.
  3. SU crayons or their watercolour pencils.
I think I have too heavy of a hand for the crayons and I already know I do not really like watercolour pencils so I think I'm going to save up and invest in their markers/blender pens/aqua pen and try that option as well as the inks. I think even with that, it will take some practice at "moving" the colour around to get the 'right' effect that I see on Split Coast Stampers (SCS) that I like so much.

M is going to be bringing her markers, aqua pens and blender pens to the next crafty night on the 11th and show her techniques, so I'll get a better idea then if I want to go the marker/ink route for colouring.

Surprisingly, I do not have many projects on the go right now. I'm working on Tash's Birthday page for her scrapbook (I found some perfect Heidi Grace paper that matches her cake to a T!) and cross stitching the EMS Butterfly Baby.

We had friends over last night and I was happy to hear she is having her shower after the baby is born, so I'm going to hold off on deciding the colours for the crocheted baby blanket I was going to do for her so I can make it more gender specific instead of gender neutral.

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