Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blanket by Bev Ireland

My original intentions when I saw this pattern were to make it for a friend who is due in March. My plans soon changed when I started having so much trouble with it and also ran into some 'issues' that required I do some unravelling as well as having problems with the edging. I think in an earlier post I explained how I originally decided the pattern was incorrect and that 23.5" was not wide enough, so I decided to make it wider, then half way through decided it was too wide on top of the fact that I started with the incorrect colour, as well as it curling downwards at the bottom bc I did not make my chain row loose enough.

So I unravelled it all and started over again. My second attempt faired much better, but when it came to doing the edging, I had a few issues, and then when it was time for the braiding, I got one braid done, ran out of the "wood" colour and could not justify spending another $6 for 3 strands of Yarn so it only has the braid on the bottom. After all that, of what I would call a rather simple pattern, I decided to keep it for myself. You can see in the photos that the edging is 'curling'. My husband does not think it's a huge deal but it annoys me. It matches well with my stroller which was not my intent when I picked out the yarn, I just really liked the red and brown together.

Project Name: Seija Set by Bev Ireland (I did not do the matching hat)
Pattern: Found in Stitch N' Bitch - The Happy Hooker
Yarns: Lion Brand Wool-ease Wood/Cranberry and Fisherman
Number of Skiens: 2 Skiens of Wood and Fisherman, about half of a 3rd Skien of the Cranberry due to the border.
Started & Finished: I can't remember, I think between all the unravelling I spent about 2 week-ish working on it?
Level of Difficulty: Easy. The entire blanket is all DC and changing yarn is super easy. The only thing that I found hard was doing the edge down the sides, since there are no perfect "Vs" to slip your hook into, you have to sort of guess and space them evenly, which as you can see I was not able to.

I had "planned" to work on a cross stitch block next, but I got invited to a baby shower for Feb. 10th so I started a hooded baby blanket from a book I have "Learn to Crochet". I'm about half done and have no idea if I'll complete it before Sunday.

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