Friday, July 11, 2008

I have a sewing machine?

heh, yeah I actually have one, one I bought I don't know when and have used a total of 4xs, including tonight. :p

Today when I was out running errands I stopped by Frabricville with the idea to buy some flannel to make some receiving blankets. No, I'm not pregnant, I'm just looking for a new project and thought I'd make some up. :0) Instead of finding any flannel that I liked, I found this beautiful cotton fabric that was 40% off. Those that know me will know why I fell in love with it, it's a pale blue, a touch of purples and greens and it's Cats and the Eiffle Tower. Yes, the two things I love in one pattern so of course I had to buy it.

At the time, in my head I was going to make a quilt with it. Yes, laugh now I'll give you a minute. :p


While I'm finishing the rest of my errands though, I keep thinking about it and decide to try a pillowcase dress for N. Now, as the name suggests, you are suppose to use pillowcases to make them. I however, do not have any of those pretty hand embroidered vintage pillowcases so I used this fabric instead. Everything I read online suggested it would take 30 mins to sew it up. Well I started around 7.30pm after I washed and dried it and just finished about 5 mins ago at around 11.15pm. :p I definitely think anymore I make will go much faster since I know what I'm doing now. Plus I'm going to make a couple of teeny changes.

The directions made me waste a bit of the fabric (which I could still use to cut blocks for a quilt though) , but next time I'll know the right length for cutting it. I also found the double folding of the hem made it a bit bulky in places. It was definitely easier to flip it over x2 rather then fold down a tiny pc then fold it again, but it does add considerable bulk. So when I make another one (I might sneak back tomorrow for some cherry fabric I saw in the same bargain bin) I'll have a better idea how to do things.

I'd post photos, but my child is sound asleep so I'll try it on her tomorrow when she wakes up and take pictures then. It's cute just on the hanger but I want to get some pics of her in it and share those. I'm was so excited about it I actually snuck into her room and laid it over her to check for length. ha!

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