Monday, June 9, 2008

A New Project. :0)

This past weekend a friend asked if I'd be interested in doing some cards for her website. She's adding a new section asked for some Birthday Cards to put her clippos in and sell them as a 'set'. While I was excited that she loved my card style, I was nervous too about coming up with something she would like. It's pretty easy when I'm just doing them to give to ppl I know with their gifts, but to do a card that others would be buying made me super nervous.

I came up with four different designs using the stamp set Pun Fun and Wild about You, and then this morning I did a 5th even though we'll probably go with 2-3 styles. I shared the cards with her this morning and she loved my two personal favourites out of the four I did. The fifth one was an after thought that I put together this morning after deciding if we go with 3 different styles I wanted the third to coordinate with the two she loved the most. razz

I'm not quite ready to share them yet, she's going to be adding the section to her site the end of July, so once they are up on her site, I'll post a link to them then.

Here are the two though that we probably won't be using;


  1. Those are awesome Shelley! I can't wait to see the ones you guys choose (and what a great idea!).

  2. Those are still great cards though! I like the 2nd especially! Can't wait to see the 'winners' :)