Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miss Natasha's Party favours

As I mentioned in my previous post, since finding out I was pregnant, I've had the sewing bug bite me. I've made receiving blankets for friends, for me, a fitted crib sheet for a friend and over the weekend I worked on this Crayon Tote to give out as a party favour for N's 3rd birthday.

There are several different crayon rolls, totes, crayon + notepads online, even some free tutorials on how to make them, but none really struck my fancy until I found this one. :0)

I used Michael Miller's Dick and Jane Fabric series for the Poka Dot (Lolli Dot, Dick and Jane block) and Dick and Jane Sentences for the top and bottom bands, the middle red stripe is just some red fabric I picked up.

It holds a 6x8 pad of paper, which I'm not sure where to find (maybe the dollar store?) but for now I just cut up some white paper for the inside.

I'm quite proud with how it turned out and it was not too pricey per child. N is having a small party though, we are not inviting many, so this idea works out nicely.

The inside:

Hopefully it's something that the kids will get a lot of use out of and the mom's will also enjoy! N has one (wallet style with a pad) and she loves it! As a matter of fact it kept her occupied at the doctor's office this morning while we were in the exam room waiting for the doctor. :0)

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