Monday, May 16, 2011

What's been Keeping me Busy

So the blog has been a little bare lately, but it's not for lack of crafting. I put away my paper (for now) and have been on a huge sewing kick lately. I love to sew and paper craft and tend to go back and fourth between the two depending on whatever currently grabs hold of my attention. Lately it's been sewing. :0) This is what I've done over the last couple of weeks;

A Doll Diaper bag for one of N's friends for her Birthday;

A Doll Quilt for another one of N's friends for her Birthday;
A minky pocket diaper for my Etsy shop;

Diaper Covers/Swim Diapers for my Etsy Shop;
A cupcake pink Cushion for me;
Reusable Grocery Bag for one of N's Teachers as her End of School gift;
Doll Diapers, again for one of N's friends as a Birthday Gift;
A Skirt for my youngest Daughter:
Phew! I think that's everything! I also made a the same skirt for my oldest Daughter but she's not worn it yet so I've not had a chance to take any photos. :0) I'm not sure when I'll get back to making cards and scrapbooking. I definitely will be, I'm just in sewing mode right now. :0)

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