Friday, January 18, 2008

Luke in a Dinosaur Costume

Luke in a Dinosaur Costume
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First I want to say that when I started this toy, I thought I had mastered most of the stitches for crocheting and felt I would be able to zip right through this little guy. Total time to finish him? Six days. Yes, six days of working on him between my daughter's naps, when she went to bed and whenever I could grab a free moment.

I was pretty excited to stitch him, but then as I started to stitch him up, I realized I had "mis-interpreted" a few of the directions in my crochet book on stitches. That will teach me to only skim and miss out on important instructions! How did I know I had mis-read them you might ask? Well, because I was using Owlishly's photos as guidelines and my crochet pieces looked nothing like hers.

So, after I unraveled each arm and leg 2xs, re-did his head, and unraveled the body once, I figured it all out. He's still not perfect, the hood on his head is not quite like it should be, he seems a bit deformed to me (hence why I'm sharing a side profile), and he's faceless! Her directions called for plastic eyes (if your child is over 3) so I did not add them, but had planned to stitch on some eyes and a mouth with cross stitch thread. Well...I got so excited when I got the head done, I stuffed it and sewed it shut, then put the hood over it without even thinking I should stitch his face first. Maybe fabric Paint would work? :0)

Started: Six Days ago :p
Yarn: Bernat - Celery
Hook: G/4mm
Made for: My daughter
Pattern: Owlishly Designs

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